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We welcome new singers in every voice part!

Led by Chorus Director Allegra Martin, our passionate chorus consists of approximately 80 music professionals and enthusiasts from Massachusetts and Vermont.

We look for singers who love music and want to experience the full spectrum of choral music. Since we only meet once a week, we are looking for musicians who are committed to spending time in and out of rehearsal to prepare, but we have plenty of resources to help each singer achieve their musical goals. Our singers are hard-working, fun-loving performers who are eager to welcome new folks to the group!

The chorus meets once a week (excluding concert week schedules) and performs pieces ranging from chants to pops, and from Mozart to Pärt. We generally perform with the orchestra two to three times per season, and special concerts or performance opportunities are sometimes added in advance of the season.

For those interested in more of a challenge or an opportunity to showcase their voice in a smaller group, the PVS Chamber Choir is a selective choir made up of PVS Chorus members. This small group (around 18 singers) performs beautiful, a cappella pieces of various styles.


Tuesday Evenings, 7:00–9:00 PM

Most Holy Redeemer Parish Hall

Hadley, MA


Tuesday, August 27, 2024

7:00–9:00 PM

Most Holy Redeemer Parish Hall

Hadley, MA


Tuesday evenings

7:00–9:00 PM

Most Holy Redeemer Parish Hall:

120 Russell St, Hadley, MA 01035

**PLEASE NOTE: As of August 1, 2023, the PVS Chorus welcomes but no longer requires face masks.**

The Chamber Choir practices after the Pioneer Valley Symphony Chorus rehearsal starting at 9pm.


Generally during the week of a given concert we also have rehearsal on Wednesday night with the orchestra and Maestro Tianhui Ng during their regular rehearsal time. We will have a dress rehearsal with the orchestra on either Thursday or Friday. The Tuesday and Wednesday rehearsals are usually in the regular rehearsal venue with the dress rehearsal in the performance venue. Announcements about changes will be made via email or at rehearsals.


Rehearsals are fun! We socialize and get to know our fellow singers. Rehearsals are also critical work times, and attendance is vital. Every voice is important!


As a general rule, singers should miss no more than one rehearsal in a short concert cycle or three rehearsals in a long cycle. If it is necessary to miss a rehearsal, please contact your Section Leader in advance. If you have unusual circumstances that affect your attendance, you should consult with the director.


The Pioneer Valley Symphony Chorus performs with the Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra in several concerts each season. In addition, the chorus also presents dedicated choral concerts.

The Pioneer Valley Symphony Chorus also contains the Pioneer Valley Symphony Chamber Choir, a small chamber group dedicated to a cappella choral music of all periods. Together, we explore the full range of choral genres and periods.


Friday, October 13, 7:30PM

Greenfield High School Auditorium

Saturday, November 4, 4PM

Second Congregational Church

Greenfield, MA

Saturday, December 16, 4PM

Greenfield High School Auditorium

Saturday, March 9, 4PM

Wesley United Methodist Church

Hadley, MA

Saturday, May 11, 7PM

Greenfield High School Auditorium


Chorus membership is open to singers who are familiar with basic music notation. In addition, you will need to have the ability to hear and sing a line of music and make a commitment to attend rehearsals and practice independently.

We accept inquiries throughout the year from singers interested in joining the Pioneer Valley Symphony Chorus. If you wish to join the chorus, please call the office at 413-773-3664 or email us at We will schedule a placement hearing which is intended to help our chorus director to get an understanding of what vocal part suits you best. No preparation is required.


Your membership dues help the Chorus compensate our stellar director and accompanist, and pay for rehearsal venue, insurance, administrative support, and more. When possible, they also cover your music, though some semesters we may request a music contribution of at most $25 if you wish to *keep* your music. Borrowed music is almost always available free of charge.

We strive to ensure accessibility of our programs to all members of the community. Dues are offered on a sliding scale. Please choose the dues rate that is right for you.


$80/semester SUSTAINABLE RATE: The per-singer cost to sustain the chorus.

$60/semester ACCESSIBLE RATE: Discounted dues to support access to music for all.


$100/semester EQUITABLE RATE: Help us keep PVS programs accessible to all.


No one is turned away from the Chorus for lack of funds. To learn more about financial aid options, contact us at or (413) 773-3664.

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