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For all absences, contact Cecilia Berger.
For emergency absences, please call or text Cecilia at 413-237-9919.


Date Details
1/7 First Rehearsal
1/14 1-2pm: Sectionals
2:10-3pm: Full Orchestra
1/28 1-2pm: Sectionals
2:10-3pm: Full Orchestra


Date Details
2/4 1-3pm
2/11 1/3pm: PVS Orchestra concert at 7:30pm
2/18 No Rehearsal: Vacation
2/25 1-3pm


Date Details
3/4 1-3pm
3/11 1-3pm
3/18 1-3pm
3/25 1-3pm


Date Details
4/1 1-3pm
4/8 1-3pm
4/15 No rehearsal: Vacation
4/22 1-3pm
4/29 1-3pm


Date Details
2-3:30pm: Dress rehearsal at
Grace Episcopal Church
4pm: Concert

You can order the CD directly from the legrandice website. All orders and payments should be submitted directly to Legrandice.

Or download this order form, print it and mail it with your check

Each and every member of the Youth Orchestra, no matter where they sit, is an essential member of the team. In order to give our students the opportunity to experience the orchestra from a variety of different perspectives, we rotate the string seating between concerts. Inevitably, because not everyone can sit at the first desk, most students will sit at the back of a section at some point during their time in the Youth Orchestra. Seating is not a competition, and sitting at the back of the section emphatically does not mean that we think a student is a weak player, or that he or she is less important to the ensemble.

Each student’s seating in the Youth Orchestra is carefully determined so as to provide the optimal learning experience for him or her. In order to create a strong and well-balanced orchestra, we seat both more and less experienced members throughout the orchestra–in the back, in the front; in the first violins and the seconds. No matter his or her seat, every member of the Orchestra is subject to the same expectations, and is offered the same opportunities for demonstrating leadership and for personal and musical growth.

There are several things you can do as a member that makes an enormous difference to our audience numbers (and after all, we want lots and lots of people to come and appreciate the hard work you’ve put into your performances).

Distribute posters and flyers

Before every concert in our main season and at the beginning of our Summer Sings events, we create PDF files of flyers that we send to all of you to distribute in your neighborhoods, at libraries, coffee houses, and anywhere else you think they might be seen.
Here are some downloads for our upcoming concert.

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