support pvs with

stop & Shop Gift cards delivered to you door! 

You're going to do your grocery shopping anyway, so why not purchase a pre-paid Stop & Shop Card through us?!

You spend the FULL value of your purchased card(s), and Stop & Shop donates 5% of the card value to the PVS. 

Last season that was more than $2,000!


Gift cards can be used at any Stop &Shop grocery store or gas station. They also make great gifts for friends and family. 

Place your one-time or recurring order on our website. Order as many cards as you would like, in any denominations.

Pay by check in the exact amount, or by credit card for the gift card amount + processing fee.

Orders are processed biweekly and will arrive by mail. Cards may take 2-4 weeks from purchase to delivery.

Questions? Email us or call 413.773.3664.